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Open Time:
Monday to Friday  8:00 am-20:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday  8:00 am-17:00 pm 

Chiang Chen Library
Chiang Chen Library
Open Time: Monday to Sunday 8:00 am - 22:00 pm

Gymnasium & Sports Ground
Gymnasium & Sports Ground

Chinese Culture Experience Hall
24/F Block A, Zhixin Building
Tel: +86-531-88364081
Fax: +86-531-88363758
Email: whjd@sdu.edu.cn

Science Hall
Science Hall

Academic Exchange Center (Xueren Hotel)
 Academic Exchange Center (Xueren Hotel)

Run Runshaw Science Building
Run Run Shaw Science Building

Student Supermarket
Student Supermarket:
Business Hours: 8:30 am -21:00 pm 

The students often organize activities on the square in front of restaurant and in the small grave.

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