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Department of English Language and Literature

Shandong University established its Department of Foreign Literature in 1930. Not only have such well-known scholars as Liang Shiqiu and Hong Shen been department directors, but many professors of great academic achievements have taught in the department. After 1949, famous professors such as Wu Fuheng, Huang Jiade, Zhang Jian, Lu Fan, and Sam Ginsbourg came to work in the Department. Their work in teaching and research laid a solid foundation for the further development of The Department of English Language and Literature.

The Department offers undergraduate, MA, and PhD degree programs. In 1978, the Department was authorized to initiate an MA degree program. In 1996, the Department’s English Language and Literature program was rated as a key subject of Shandong Province. In 1998, the subject was designated as the key subject for development after Shandong University entered the state 211 Project. In 2000, the Department initiated a Doctoral Degree Program.

The Department has a sound compliment of staff members. It now has seven doctoral supervisors and its PhD degree program comprises three specialties: British and American Literature, English Linguistics and English Language Teaching and Translation Studies. Thirteen of the Department’s teachers have a PhD and seventeen of them are doctoral candidates. In the past several years many of the Department’s professors have been involved in national or provincial research projects and many of these and other projects have won ministerial or provincial awards.

It is usual for the Department to give priority to teaching and consequently great achievements in teaching have been made. Prof. Zhuang Zhiwei has won the title of “State Excellent Teacher” and three teachers have won the title of “Young Master-hand of Teaching of Shandong University”.

The Department’s goal is to cultivate creative talents and practical ability. It stresses quality education and trains students to have the power to gain knowledge, apply knowledge, and carry out analysis independently. It introduces students to linguistics, literature and to a relevant basic knowledge of the humanities and social sciences as well as to the basic skills of language learning. In addition, the students are also provided with the practical knowledge of a second foreign language and the basics of referencing documents and other materials. With these knowledge skills students have the competence to meet the demands of work in such fields as diplomacy, foreign trade, foreign-oriented tourism, English language teaching and research, journalism, and in other socially responsible work and services.

Undergraduate courses offered include English Intensive Reading, English Listening, Oral English, English Writing, English Extensive Reading, E-C/C-E Translation, Advanced Interpretation, English Linguistics, British Literature, American Literature and English Stylistics.

Address: No.5, Hongjialou, Jinan, English Department, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Shandong University Postal Code: 250100 Telepohe: 0531-88378233

Address: No.5, Hongjialou, Jinan, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Shandong University
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