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 Brief Introduction to SDU at Qingdao

I. The Functional Orientations


For the working aim of SDU Features, First-class of China and International Level, in order to promote the building process of an advanced research university, and in view of the integrated guiding principle of multi-campus, different places and integrative development, the functional orientations of SDU at Qingdao are as follows:


1. A comprehensive campus for advanced research with disciplines of science and engineering as the main parts, supplemented with other necessary disciplines.


2. A base for high academic activities and applied science and technolgy research, a base to gather and cultivate high talents, a base to incubate and industrialize high and new technological achievements, and a base for high-level international academic communication.


3. A base which is to make full use of Qingdao's advantages in natural resources and geographical location for the ultimate purpose of promoting the core competitiveness of the SDU system with regard to attracting talents, science and technology innovations, social services, international exchanges and cooperations and, resources acquisition.


II. The Construction Objectives


In order to manifest the functional orientations of the campus, the construction objectives are to highlight the following features:


1. Advancement: It is to be a base for academic activities and applied science and technology research, a base to gather and cultivate talents, a base to incubate and industrialize new technological achievements, and a base for high-level international academic exchange.


2. Unique features: It is to be home of high-level science and engineering disciplines, to strengthen the service functions for local economy and social development, with special emphasis on the needs of Shandong Province, Qingdao City and the construction of the Blue Economic Zone.


3. Internationalization: It is to be a platform for international cultural integration and academic exchange by making full use of the geographical and environmental advantages of Qingdao, adapting itself to the needs of opening of Qingdao, even of the whole province and the country.


4. Symbolism: It is to be a symbolic campus representing the most essential features of Chinese institutions of higher learning, to be one more scenic spot of Qingdao, by giving prominence to such criteria as high standard, internationalization and traditional Chinese elements by way of the idea of designing and planning, standard of construction and, future management.


5. Eco-friendly: It is to be an ecological, sustainable and green campus by integrating itself with the sea and mountains. It is to adopt new technology and new materials in the areas of energy  and water conservation and building materials. It will be a low-carbon, economical and environment-friendly campus.


III. Buildings to Be Constructed


For the construction of the campus, priority is given to the construction of the teaching area, students' apartment and service area, advanced academy of sciences, academy of engineering. It is expected to accommodate 25,000 students, 15,000 of whom are undergraduates, 6,000 postgraduates and 4,000 overseas students.
The planned construction area is 1,000,000 square metres, with an investment of ¥4,700,000,000.


IV. The Location


The new campus to be built lies close to the Aoshan Bay Coast in the east of Jimo City, Qingdao. According to the master plan of Qingdao, this area is to be a bay town of science and technology, featuring high-tech, software, and oceanographic industries, integrating education, tourism and residence. The new campus is 40 kilometres away from Jimo City, lying between the coastal highway to the west and coast of Aoshan Bay to the east.


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