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The university comprises eight state scientific research platforms, including a key national laboratory, a state engineering technology research center, a state engineering laboratory and a state engineering technology promotion center. It also has two state "111 Innovation and Education Planning Projects," 4 Ministry of Education key social science research bases, and a large number of key provincial laboratories and provincial engineering technology research centers. During the past 10 years the school has achieved a series of major scientific research break-throughs, obtained a total of 21 state-level secondary prizes, and 74 provincial first prizes, and applied for a total of 2113 patents. The University has obtained 446 major state projects, is part of the state's "863 Plan" and "973 Plan", and is also part of the major projects established by the State Fund and the State Science and Technology Support Plan. Two university teams have been selected by the Ministry of Education to be part of the "Yangtze River Scholar and Innovative Group Development Plan", and two teams have been chosen as the state's "Natural Science Innovative Research Groups." Shandong University's SCI, BI, ISTP and other international citation rates have continually been the highest amongst universities throughout China.




7 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering.


10 distinguished professors from the National "Recruitment Program of Global Experts".


33 distinguished professors and part-time professors from the "Chang Jiang Scholars Program" of the Ministry of Education.


25 winners of the "National Outstanding Youth Foundation" award.


28 posts for distinguished professors and experts from the "Taishan Scholars" of Shandong Province.


8 famous national teachers.


759 doctoral candidate supervisors.


1,046 professors.



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