Nineteen Scholars from SDU Selected as 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers

Nineteen Scholars from SDU Selected as 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers
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Elsevier announced its 2016 list of Most Cited Chinese Researchers (Mainland) on February 27, recognizing 1,776 researchers from 227 universities and scientific institutions in Chinese mainland across 38 different subject areas. 19 scholars from Shandong University, whose names are also included in the 2015 list, are selected as 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers.


The names and research fields of these selected scholars from Shandong University are listed as follows: Zhang Juren in the field of Agriculture and Bioscience, Gao Baoyu in the field of Environmental Science, Wang Peng and Gong Yaoqin in the field of Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Chen Zonggang in the field of Biomedical Engineering, Lv Mengkai, Chen Dairong and Huang Bobiao in the field of Material Science, Zhang Yun in the field of Medicine, Zhou Shenjie in the field of Computational Mechanics, Zhang Na, Liu Xinyong, Zhai Guangxi and Zhang Dianrui in the field of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmacy, Zhang Huaijin, Tao Xutang, Chen Feng and Zhao Mingwen in the field of Physics and Astronomy and Cao Fenglin in the field of Psychology.


Most cited researcher refers to the researcher who has published papers as the first author and corresponding author, which are at the top level by the number of citation among all Chinese mainland researchers. It means that the researcher is globally influential in his/her research field, and the research results make significant contributions to the development of the relevant subject. Developed in collaboration with ShanghaiRanking Consultancy, who provided the selection criteria, the list is based on objectively cited data and selected 38 subject areas employing the big data technology, including social sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics and economy, etc. It carries out a systematic analysis of the influence of Chinese scholars in the world. The statistical data is based on the Scopus database from Elsevier. It has collected items indexed from more than 22,000 periodicals from over 5,000 publishers and 7 million academic conference papers worldwide, covering fields of natural science, technology, medicine, social science, arts and humanities, etc. in terms of data of research papers, researchers and institutions related to scientific research activities. 

Link: 2016 List of China's Most Cited Researchers


Translated by: Shi Yajie

Edited by: Xie Tingting