Discussion on SDU Discipline Construction

Discussion on SDU Discipline Construction
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Shandong University has proposed to make a discussion on discipline construction centered on the “Double First-rate Strategy”.

In October, 2015, the State Council issued the Overall Plan for Coordinately Advancing the construction of World First-class Universities and First-class Disciplines, put forward and started Double First-rate Strategy in higher education. Following 211 Project and 985 Project, Double First-rate is a new key project in higher education. It provides Shandong University with unprecedented development opportunities, especially for discipline construction, while it also brings big challenge as well.

Shandong University proposed a discussion on the development of disciplines to raise discipline consciousness, draw on teachers and students' wisdom, and plan development goals, emphases and strategies.

This proposal centered on how we promote world-class universities and first-class disciplines, the discussion topics are as follows. 

What are the features and highlights of SDU disciplines? How should the university develop a batch of innovative and leading disciplines? At the opportunity of constructing Qingdao campus and Jinan main campus, how to optimize the subject layout, break subject barriers and accelerate the reform of the subject management mechanism? How to improve the direction of subject construction, team and platform construction, talent cultivation, scientific research, international communication, cultural inheritance and innovation, and transformation of research achievements? 

You can either visit http://www.view.sdu.edu.cn/info/1030/90486.htm, or write to englishweb@sdu.edu.cn, to participate in the discussion. We are looking forward to your opinions and suggestions.