Fourteen SDU Scholars Recruited in the “Thousand Talents Plan”

Fourteen SDU Scholars Recruited in the “Thousand Talents Plan”
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Recently, the list of recruitments for the 13th batch of the “Thousand Talents Plan” was released. Fourteen from SDU were chosen. 

Among them, Cheng Xiuzhen from the School of Computer Science and Technology was selected for the Recruitment Program of Innovative Talents (Long Term). Other selections for the Recruitment Program for Innovative Talents (Short Term) include Francesco Caruso from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sergei Kuksin from the School of Mathematics, Shoukhrat Mitalipov from the Reproductive Medicine Research Center, and Vladimir Terzija from the School of Electrical Engineering. Daniel Lischinski, from the School of Computer Science and Technology, was listed in the Recruitment Program for Foreign Experts. Eight were recruited in the “Thousand Young Talents Plan”.

Cheng Xiuzhen: Ph.D from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, United States; Professor at George Washington University. Her research areas include wireless network, algorithm analysis, information security and privacy. Dr. Cheng has worked on 13 programs at the National Science Foundation (NSF) with funding amounting to over seven million dollars. By now, she has published more than 200 academic papers, among which more than 80 appeared in top-level journals and conferences. Six were also awarded the International Conference Best Paper Award.

Francesco Caruso: Professor at the University of Melbourne; fellow of the Australian Academy of Science; ARC Australian Laureate Fellow. His research areas include chemistry, material science, nano technology and bio-medicine. He is vice editor of Chemistry of Materials. He has published more than 400 SCI papers in world-class journals, such as Science. His papers have been cited more than 35,000 times. His h-factor is 98.

Sergei Kuksin: Ph.D from the University of Moscow, and Professor at CNRS and the Université Paris Diderot. He is a well-known scholar with an international reputation who has made great contribution in dynamical systems and nonlinear partial differential equations. He has often been invited to deliver reports at international conferences on mathematics and physics. By now, he has published more than 70 papers in world-class journals, such as Annals of Mathematics, ARMA, GAFA and so on.

Shoukhrat Mitalipov: professor at Oregon Health and Science University in the US. He has done in-depth researches on stem cell biology. Many of his research results have been considered ground-breaking in significance, with work published in international top journals such as Nature and Cell. He was rewarded Recipient of the Women's Health Research Award, as well as the 2010 Discovery Award.

Vladimir Terzija: Professor at University of Manchester in the UK, EPSRC Chair Professor in Power System Engineering, and IEEE Fellow. He has long been engaged in the research of Wide Area Protection and Control Technologies in electrical power systems; Self-healing Technology in Smart Grids; and Power system transient processes. He has published over 100 academic papers in high level journals such as Proceedings of the IEEE, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, etc.

Daniel Lischinski: Ph.D. from Cornell University in the US, and Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. His areas of interest span a wide range in the fields of computer graphics as well as image and video processing. He shouldered over 10 national or inter-organizational cooperative funds, and has published over 20 papers in top conferences and journals devoted to computer graphics. In 2012, he was awarded the Outstanding Technical Contributions Award by the Eurographics Association.

On May 9, the list for the “Thousand Young Talents Plan” or “Young Overseas High-Level Talents Introduction Plan” was released, and 8 from SDU were recruited. On May 25, the list for the “Thousand Talents Plan” in Shandong Province transmitted by the Organization Department of CPC Shandong Committee was released, and 14 from SDU were recruited.

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Translated by: Shi Yajie, Zhang Xinyuan

Edited by: Kyle Muntz, Lang Cuicui