Guo Xinli and Fan Liming Appointed as New Top Leaders of Shandong University

Guo Xinli and Fan Liming Appointed as New Top Leaders of Shandong University
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On July 19th, Guo Xinli and Fan Liming were respectively appointed as Secretary of the CPC Shandong University Committee and President of Shandong University.


On the morning of that day, the Shandong University Faculty and Staff Conference announced that Guo Xinli, former Executive Deputy Secretary of CPC Shanghai Jiao Tong University Committee, has been appointed as Secretary of the CPC Shandong University Committee, succeeding outgoing current Party Secretary of CPC Shandong University Li Shouxin; Fan Liming, former President of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, has been appointed as President of Shandong University, succeeding outgoing current President of Shandong University Zhang Rong.

The appointment and dismissal decisions were made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCCPC) and the State Council. Li Shouxin presided over this conference.


Li expressed his genuine welcome to Guo Xinli and Fan Liming. He stated that in his past 6 years of tenure, he worked with all the staff and faculty wholeheartedly for the development of SDU, which would be both the highlight in his career and most precious treasure in his life. 

Li expressed his deep thanks to the university's leading group for their cohesion and support, and to the faculty for their devotion to teaching and contributions to SDU. He sincerely wished SDU a better future, and said that he would continue to love and devote to SDU.


Zhang Rong delivered a speech to sincerely thank SDU colleagues and all sectors of the community for their support. He reviewed his 4-year experiences in SDU, during which he devoted himself entirely to the development of Shandong University together with all colleagues. As a result, several landmark achievements have been made and SDU's comprehensive strength has been further enhanced. 

Zhang said that the arrival of Guo Xinli and Fan Liming would bring new vitality to SDU. He hoped that all faculty and staff  would support their work, make progress and create new glories in the process of building SDU into a world-class university.


Guo Xinli stated  that he felt the honor and responsibility of being the successor of the Secretary of the CPC Shandong University Committee. He promised to unite and work together diligently with the faculty, students, and medical staff, and dedicate to making SDU a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. 

Guo said he would do his best in the following aspects. First, he would strive to shoulder the primary responsibility of administering the university by studying and practicing General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches. Second, he would adhere to moral education and talent cultivation as the fundamental task of education and stick to the key strategies of faculty team improvement.  He would continue to deepen the comprehensive reform and build an SDU model of  becoming a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. Third, he would keep in mind the mission and take courage to bear responsibilities, and build a leading group with firm belief, rigorous working style and excellent ability. He stated that he would also be strict with himself and work for SDU whole-heartedly.


Fan Liming, the new President of Shandong University, expressed her sincere feelings towards SDU. “As an SDUer who will serve my alma mater again, I feel deeply grateful for the trust. I will fulfill my duties to promote the development of Shandong University,” Fan said.

Fan stated that she  would strive to promote the "double first-class" construction by strengthening the construction of faculty team, and creating an environment of respecting and serving talents.  She would firmly implement the basic task of moral education in the cultivation of talents by involving all relevant members, focusing on the whole education process, and taking all possible opportunities. She would  raise the research level of basic sciences and applied technology and make unique contributions to the research and dissemination of traditional Chinese culture as well as the mutual learning and exchanges of multi-civilizations by making full use of SDU's advantages in literature, philosophy and history research. 

“I would also carry forward the construction of the education system, making efforts to create an honest and upright atmosphere,” Fan said.




Photo by: Yang Yunlei