SDU Football Team: Keep Honor and Carry On

SDU Football Team: Keep Honor and Carry On
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The SDU Football team, consisting of 17 players at present, among whom many are enrolled in the national team for university students and have attended the World University Games, held the titles of runner-up of the China University Football League, runner-up of the Chinese College Futsal League, and champion of both the Chinese College Football Championship and the Chinese Futsal Championship. Recently, the SDU Football Team won another championship (Northern China) of the Chinese College Futsal League for 2016-2017, which demonstrates their outstanding capability. 

Training: Industrious and diligent from day to night 

The team members had the refresher training on the day of the interview. Usually, they take cultural classes in the morning and have training for three hours in the afternoon every day. From the moment they put on the soccer jersey, they belong to training wholeheartedly, concentrating on warming up, juggling and shooting. It is the epitome of their daily life. Most of their time is spent on training while their peers are enjoying their spare time or having a tour visit. Even on the spring festival, the most important festival for Chinese, they just stay with their family to reunite for a few days, and then return to Jinan for training. 



At the spot of training

It is not uncommon for team members to get hurt when they play football. Zhou Jianqin, the full back of the team, said that he is black and blue all over. Even though, they still keep practicing. "No pains, no gains." They know what their coach's words mean. Diao Zhenyu, the wing half of the team said, "We need to treasure the training time. Though it is boring, it can improve our skills in a long term."

Competition: Play hard to live up to the expectations



SDU Football Team won the championship (Northern China) of the Chinese College Futsal League for 2016-2017

Long-term training helps the SDU Football Team become an outstanding performer in all kinds of games. In the Chinese College Futsal League for 2016-2017, they once again became the champion after five years. All teammates were really excited. When asked about the secrets to win, they said that "know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war". Firstly, they need to keep routine training and use their tactics in the game. Secondly, they need to analyze their rivals through video or on the spot so that they can make a specific plan to win the game. 

Miao Weijian, the coach of the SDU Football Team said, "On the sport yard, it is your mentality that matters most besides your skills." Therefore, no matter they win or lose the game, Miao hope players could adjust their attitude for the better.

Football: they are unswerving because of love 

Most of the players began to play football at an early age. They have been playing for 8 to 14 years and football has become an inseparable part of their life. Zhou said, "I cannot live without football because it is part my life." Football not only brings honor to players but also witnesses their growth.



SDU Football Team won the Championship of the Chinese College Futsal League in 2013

For Miao who has been working in football for over 30 years, football has left unforgettable impression on him. When being asked about the impression of their coach, the players all gave a high praise and put the tags such as "earnest and diligent", "veteran" and "life tutor". While talking about players, Miao joked that he was the "nanny" of the players. "They are just like my children. I need to train them on the sport court and also care about their study and life."

All members of SDU Football Team have a common goal: to be the champion in China. For this dream, they are striving to tackle all kinds of challenges and work hard to have a better performance and prove themselves. 

There was a Liverpool FC song that encouraged numerous football fans. For the SDU Football Team, we would like to share the same wish and blessings with them: "walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown, walk on, walk on with hope in your heart, and you will never walk alone."


Translated by Meng Shuai

Edited by Xie Tingting, Lang Cuicui