Welcome, New SDUers!

Welcome, New SDUers!
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September8 and 9 in 2017 see more than ten thousand new students enter Shandong University, bringing vigor and vitality to the hundred-year-old university. SDU embraced new comers with enthusiasm. Let’s have a look at the unforgettable moments in different campuses recorded by camera.

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Freshmen felt the warmth of SDU as soon as they arrived in Jinan

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The enthusiasm could be felt everywhere in campuses

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The same gladness shared by different faces 

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There were more than ten thousand names, but“SDUer” was shared in common


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SDU will be an import part in their life from this day on



New students are listening carefully to the introduction of the university and the school


A campus card brings convinience everywhere in SDU


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International students

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Various ways of reception



"Face Recognition Entrance Guard System" in students' apartments


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Tasty food in SDU Canteens are waiting for you

All of this marks the beginning of a new life in SDU. Welcome, new SDUers with hopes and dreams, and welcome to Shandong University!

Source: www.view.sdu.edu.cn

Translated by: Xing Chenyang

Edited by: Xie Tingting, Song Yijun