Wednesday 26 August Morning:Specialised Theme 2
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Wednesday 26 August Morning:Specialised Theme 2
DateandTime: 2015-08-20 14:09:00

 Specialised Theme 2

Wealth and Poverty
9 AM-12:15 PM  

Lu Xin VIP Hall, Shandong Hotel


Organizers and Discussants : Rafael Dobado González (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)

                                                  Julio Djenderedjian (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

With the support of the Argentinian National Committee, in partnership with the German National Committee


- Ciro Romano (University of Jyvaskyla):

   The “welfare” of religious initiative, in late medieval Italy; the case of the Neapolitan Monastery of Saint Peter and Sebastian in the end of 15th century

- Ernesto López Losa and Santiago Piquero Zarauz (University of the Basque Country):

   Spanish Real Wages in the North-Western European Mirror, 1500-1800. On the Timings and Magnitude of the Little Divergence in Europe

- Jorge Gelman and Daniel Santilli (Instituto Ravignani, Universidad de Buenos Aires-CONICET):

   The rich, the poor and the others. Growth and inequality  in Buenos Aires from colonial times to the end of 19th Century

- María Inés Moraes and Carolina Vicario (Universidad de la República, Montevideo; Universität Tübingen):

   Been equal and been unequal in an Old Regime economy: Montevideo and its surroundings in the 18th century

- Moramay López-Alonso (Rice University, Houston):

   Assessing two centuries of poverty and inequality in Mexico  (1750-1950): an anthropometric approach.

- Oluremi A. Abiolu, Emmanuel B. Famokun (Federal University of Technology, Akure) and Grace Oluremi Akanbi (Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo):

   Wealth circulation in West Africa: an assessment of the old Oyo and Benin Kingdoms, and postcolonial Nigeria

- Timothy Cuff (Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA):

   Cadets Over the Life Course:  The Relationship of Early Adult BMI, Height, and Relative Mortality Among a Mid-Nineteenth Century U.S. Upper Class Cohort

- Zhou Yuxiang (Ludong University,Yantai):

   Relatively “affluent” and Labor Relations. An Analysis of American Labor of Consumption during Calvin Coolidge Government


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