Wednesday 26 August Morning:Specialised Theme 5
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Wednesday 26 August Morning:Specialised Theme 5
DateandTime: 2015-08-22 08:08:20

Specialised Theme 5

Narrating Pre-history
9 AM-12:15 PM  

Linyi Hall, Shandong Hotel


Organizer and Discussant: Donald Baker (University of British Columbia)

With the support of the Canadian National Committee


- Liu Fengjun (Shandong University):

   The discovery of Gukewan

- Jin Guiyun (Shandong  University):

   Prehistoric subsistence —new data from China

- Dennis Lee (Harvard University):

   Early Korean-Japanese Relations: Hegemonic Texts and Invisible Frontiers in the 5th - 6th Century

- Mark Byington (Harvard University):

   What archaeology tells us about the early history of states in and around the Korean peninsula

- Jorrit Kelder (University of Oxford) and Henk Singor (Leiden University):

   The use of texts as a guide to archaeological discoveries related to Troy

- Tammi Schneider (Claremont Graduate University, California) and Norma Franklin (University of Haifa):

   Biblical Archaeology


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