Friday 28 August afternoon: IAO 1-- IAO 17, IC 1
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Friday 28 August afternoon: IAO 1-- IAO 17, IC 1
DateandTime: 2015-08-28 15:26:56


2:00 PM-5:15 PM

Shandong High Speed Hall, Shandong Hotel

Session 3:  Migration of Religious Ideas
Chairs: Raymond Mentzer (University of Iowa, Member of the Board of CIHEC)

              Robert N. Swanson (University of Birmingham, Member of the Board of CIHEC)

- Li Huacheng (Shaanxi Normal University, Xian):

   Multiple Interpretations of Over-Enthusiasm: A Study Centering on the Flagellations of Medieval East and West

- Stephen Warren (University of Iowa):

   Native American Migrations and the Transformation of Religious Identities in Early America

- Yudha Thianto (Trinity Christian College, Illinois):

   Singing the Metrical Psalms in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch East Indies: Migration of Religious Ideas through Hymns

- Peter James Yoder (Berry College, Georgia):

   The Transformation of Early Eighteenth-Century Lutheran Pietist Thought after the Danish-Halle Mission's Contact with India

- Martin Millerick (National University of Ireland, Maynooth):

   Revising Whelan's Model of Tridentine Catholicism in Ireland: The Experience of Cloyne Diocese, County Cork, c.1700-1830

- Catherine Refran Laririt (Polytechnic University of the Philippines):

   Beaterio de la Compañia de Jesus – In the Service of the Fatherland (1896-1899)

- Kristy Nabhan-Warren (University of Iowa):

   The Cursillo Movement as Ushering in a New Lay-Focused and Globalized Catholicism

Business Meeting

2 PM-5:15 PM

Lu Xin VIP Hall, Shandong Hotel

Session 3: Parliaments and Public Opinion
Chair: Joseba Agirreazkuenaga

- Claudia Giurintano (University of Palermo):

   The “Broglie Commission” and the Anti-slavery Movement in France

- Cristina Senigaglia (University of Trieste):

   Parliament and Public Opinion in Max Weber’s Analysis

- Coleman A. Dennehy (University College Dublin):

   Parliament Judicature. Ireland, Britain and shared judicial authority

Business Meeting

2 PM-5:15 PM

Jinan Hall, Shandong Hotel

Session 2
Chair: Israel Bartal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

- Meron Medzini (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem):

   Jewish Communities in South East Asia – Comparisons and Contrasts

- Zohar Segev (University of Haifa):

   Diaspora Nationalism, National Identity and Cultural Revival: American Jewry and the Challenge of Jewish Diaspora in the Shadow of the Holocaust

2 PM-5:15 PM

Qingdao Hall, Shandong Hotel

Session 2
Chair: Zheng RuoLing (Xiamen University)

- Mariko Ichimi (National Institute for Educational Policy Research, Tokyo):

   The Study of East Asian Educational History in Modern Japan: Its Past Development and Future Direction

- Atsuko Shimbo (Waseda University, Tokyo):

   Intermixing Imaginations: The Perception of East Asia by Japan, China, and its Neighboring Ethnicities

- Kaiyi Li (University of Braunschweig /Beijing Normal University):

   The League of Nations and Educational Reform in China

- Kim Ja-Joong (Korea University):

   The Formation of Higher Education System in Korea under Japanese Colonial Rule

2 PM-5:15 PM

Linyi Hall, Shandong Hotel

Session 4: The French Revolution in National Historiographies
Chair: Koichi Yamazaki (Hitotsubashi University)

- Alexander Tchoudinov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow):

   The ‘New Russian School’ and the image of the other

- Nikolay Promyslov and Evgeniya Prusskaya (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow):

   The Image of Russia in French Newspapers during the Revolution and Empire

- Anna Maria Rao (Università degli studi di Napoli « Federico II »):

   Patriotisme, oubli, micro-histoire : les études italiennes de la révolution française 25 ans après le bicentenaire

-  Choi Kab Soo (Seoul National University):

   Recherche sur la Révolution Française en Corée du Sud

Session 5: The French Revolution in a Comparative Perspective
Chair: Rachida Selaouti Tlili (Université Tunis La Manouba)

- Paul Hanson (Butler University, Indianapolis): 

   Jacobins and Red Guards: Revolutionary Terror in Comparative Perspective

- Ian Coller (University of California, Irvine):

   Muslim Jacobins? Radicalization and Islam in the French Revolution

- Luigi Mascilli Migliorini and Rosa Maria Delli Quadri (Università degli studi di Napoli « L’Orientale »):

   Révolutions d’Italie, d’Espagne et de Grèce: un regard comparé

 - Tami Sarfatti (Tel Aviv University):

   The Revolutionary Era in a Global Context: The Advantages of a Case-Study Approach

2 PM-5:15 PM

VIP Room Mu Dan, Shandong Hotel

Business Meeting

2 PM-5:15 PM

Dezhou Hall, Shandong Hotel

Session 3: Remembering and Recounting the Cold War – Commonly Shared History
Chair: Markus Furrer (University of Teacher Education Luzern/Université de Fribourg)

- Markus Furrer (University of Teacher Education Luzern/Université de Fribourg):

   Introduction into the topic

- Alfons Kenkmann (University of Leipzig):

   Ideologies in the classroom of the GDR

- Daniel Moser (Bern):

   China after 1949 in Swiss history textbooks from 1950-2000

- Joanna Wojdon (University of Wroclaw and Institute of National Remembrance):

   Col. Ryszard Kuklinski (Jack Strong) - a case study in the Polish debates on the Cold War

- Markus Furrer and Nora Zimmermann (Georg-Eckert-Institut – Leibniz-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung):

   Remembering the Cold War in pictures and imaginations

- Karl Benziger (Rhode Island College):

   Propaganda and Dissent: The American War in Vietnam, Hungary, and the Narrative of Dissent

- Anu Raudsepp (Tartu University):

   The image of the Enemy during the Cold Era in Estonia used history textbooks

2 PM-6:15 PM

Session 11(2 PM-4 PM), Plenary Session(4:15 PM-6:15 PM) at Liaocheng Hall.

Session 12(2 PM-4 PM) at Binzhou Hall,Session 13(2 PM-4 PM) at Yantai Hall, handong Hotel.

Session 11 : Women and Migration, 16th – 21st Centuries (Part 2)
Organizers: Claudia Contente (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

                     Cristina Cacopardo (Universidad Nacional de Luján)

Chair: Ioan Bolovan (Romanian Academy, Center of Transylvanian Studies, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca)

Discussant: Marie-Pierre Arrizabalaga (Université de Cergy-Pontoise)

- Mary Louise Nagata (Francis Marion University, Florence, South Carolina):

   Women, Gender, Migration and Mobility in 19th Century Kyoto

Session 12 : The Development of Historical Demography in China and the World
Organizer, Chair and Discussant : Zhongwei Zhao (The Australian National University, Canberra)

- Yang Wenshan (Institute of Sociology) and Xing-chen C.C. Lin (Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei):

   Household Registration Database and the Social Configuration of Colonial Taiwan: 1905-1945

- Dong Hao (Hong Kong University of Science and technology) and Lee Youjin (Seoul National University):

   From EAP I to EAP II: Advances in Comparative Population History, 1994-2004

- Cameron Campbell (UCLA) and Kurosu Satomi (Reitaku University):

   Historical demography in Asia

Session 13 : Late Marriages
Organizer: Ofelia Rey Castelao (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Chair: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux (EHESS, Paris)

Discussant: Murayama Satoshi

- Michel Poulain (Université catholique de Louvain), Anne Herm (Tallinn University), Dany Chambre (Université catholique de Louvain) and Gianni Pes (Università degli Studi di Sassari):

   The role of late marriage alongside the different phases of the fertility transition in a village of Sardinia: Villagrande (1800-2012)

- Dora Celton, Mónica Ghirardi, Sonia Colantonio and Andrés Peranovich (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba):

   Two hundred years of late marital behavior in Argentina

- Llorenç Ferrer-Alòs (Universitat de Barcelona):

   Late marriage to save dowries. The strategies of the heirs and the second born in Catalonia (17th – 19th centuries)

- Qiao Xiaochun (Beijing University):

   Late marriage and never married in 20th century China

Plenary session

General Assembly

IC 1
2 PM-5:15 PM

Zaozhuang Hall, Shandong Hotel

Session 3: Digital Public History
Chair: Serge Noiret (European University Institute, Florence)

- Jairo Antonio Melo Florez (AHISAB, Asociación Historia Abierta, Bucaramanga, Colombia):

   Digital Public History of Violence in Columbia

- Jenny Gregory (University of Western Australia):

   Public History and the Use of Social Media

- Patrick Moore (University of West Florida):

   The Many Faces of an Historical APP:  Next Exit History,” the Classroom and Community

2 PM-5:15 PM

Dongying Hall, Shandong Hotel

Session 3: Translations
Chair: Krzysztof Makowski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)

Comment: Makoto Hayasaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

- Márta Font (University of Pécs), Jan Hrdina (Prague City Archives), Monika Saczyńska (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw):

   Between East and West. Translation as a Means of Cross-Cultural Communication in Central Europe in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times

- Andrea Trovesi (University of Bergamo):

   Slavic Languages in Times of Globalization: Changes and Challenges

- Joanna Trzeciak (Kent State University, Ohio), Izabela Kalinowska-Blackwood (Stony Brook University, New York):

   What Lurks Beneath: A Comparative Study of Subtitles of Slavic Films Before and After 1989

- Anna Arustamova (University of Perm):

   Russian Literature and Western Cultures of the Nineteenth- and Twentieth Centuries

IAO 10
2 PM-5:15 PM

Zibo Hall, Shandong Hotel

CHIR General Assembly

IAO 11
2 PM-5:15 PM

Main Theme Panel 9(2 PM-4 PM ), Closing Words and Business Meeting(3:45 PM -5 PM) at Auditorium, Nanjiao Hotel.

Main Theme Panel 8b(2 PM-3:45 PM ) at Room 3012, Club.

Main Theme Panel 10(2 PM-3:45 PM ) at Room 3013, Club.

Main Theme Panel 11(2 PM-3:45 PM ) at Room 3015, Club.

Sub-Theme A Panel 3(2 PM-3:45 PM) at Room 3018, Club.

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Panel 9:  Domesticity and Family Life: Modern Homes
Chair and Discussant: Mary O’Dowd (Queen's University Belfast)

- Eleanor Gordon (University of Glasgow):

   What’s love got to do with it? Working-class courtship in Scotland, 1880-1939

- Natalia Mitsyuk (Russian Academy of Sciences):

   Contraception in the everyday Life of the Russian noblewomen at the beginning of the 20th century

- Florence Kyomugisha (California State University-Northridge):

   Historical Forces behind the status of women in African urban society

- Asha Isam Nayeem (Dhakha University):

   Did the women of Bengal not have a childhood? A study of colonialism, education and the evolution of the girl child in Bengal

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Panel 8b: ‘New Women’: Transnational Perspectives and Global Political Contexts – part 2
Chair and Discussant: Clare Midgley

- Jennifer Lynn (Montana State University, Billings):

   Defining  Modernity: Constructing the Modern Woman in the German Illustrated Press, 1920-1945

- Nilanjana Bhattacharya (Visva-Bharti University):

   Editing modernity: The New Women editors in Bengal and Argentina

- Mary Vanlalthanpui (Calcutta University):

   The changing roles of Church women

- Pippa Virdee (De Montfort University):

   Great people to fly with: Pakistan International Airlines, women, and modern Pakistan

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Panel 10: Trans-Pacific Subjects and the Modern State
Discussant: Karen Leong  (Arizona State University)

- Rumi Yasutake (Konan University, Kobe):

   Mothering citizens of democracy in Hawaii: women’s politics from a transnational perspective

- Brian Hayashi (Kyoto University):

   From Mata Hari to Girl Friday: Nisei female agents, Euro-American female handlers, and the Office of Strategic Services during World War II

- Judy Wu (Ohio State University):

   US Congressional Women’s Tour of China: Patsy Takemotoand Women’s Cold War Diplomacy

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Panel 11: Women and Political Modernity

- Dusica Ristivojevic (Academia Sinica,Taipei):

   Gender and Political Modernity in China: Chinese women and political autonomy in the 1898 reform period

- Nupur Chaudhuri (Texas Southern University):

   Some Bengali/Indian women’s concepts of nationalism under the British Raj

- Barbara Molony (Santa Clara University):

   Gender and the Politics of Modernity: From the pre suffrage interwar years to the post suffrage  1970s [in Japan]      

SUB-THEME A: Resistant Subjectivities
Panel 3: Everyday Acts of Resistance
Chair and Discussant: Uma Chakravarti (University of Delhi , [Retired])

- Elaine Farell (Queen’s University, Belfast):

   Icorrigible and incurable? Criminal re-offenders in nineteenth-century Ireland

- Katie Witz (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee):

   Not so docile after all: how Native American girls and women challenged the Indian boarding school  system 1879-1934 with everyday acts of resistance

- Krassimira Daskalova (University of Sofia):

   Fragile loyalties: A woman politician’s life in Cold War Balkans between state socialism and feminism

- Aisha Bawa (Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokokoto):

   Islam, Feminism, Identity : A survey of Muslim Organisation FOMWAN in Nigeria

Closing Words and IFRWH Business Meeting (including election of new Officers and Board)

IAO 12
2 PM-5:15 PM

Conference Room on the 4th Floor, Southern Building, Nanjiao Hotel

Session 3: L’histoire du livre et de l’édition dans une perspective transnationale
Introduction and chair:  Jean-Yves Mollier (Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin)

Conclusion: Martyn Lyons (University of New South Wales)

- Pierre Fandio (Université de Buea):

   Et si le développement de l’Afrique passait par la production et la consommation locales du livre ?

- Michela Bussotti (École Française d’Extrême Orient):

   Une histoire transnationale du livre asiatique par le biais du cas chinois ?

- Jacques Michon (Université de Sherbrooke):

   Enjeux Transnationaux autour de la propriété littéraire : Le Canada et le modèle américain

- Gustavo Sorá(Université de Cordoba):

   Modèles nationaux et transnationaux dans l’historiographie de l’édition en Amérique Latine

- François Vallotton (Université de Lausanne):

   Les circulations du livre en Europe : réseaux commerciaux, acteurs et supports

IAO 13
2 PM-5:15 PM

Conference Room on the 5th Floor, Nanjiao Hotel

Session 3: World War II in Asia: Problems and Legacy

- Hu Dekun (Council of Chinese Association for the WWII):

   The Legacy of World War II: An Investigation on the Early Post War Territorial Polices of Japan and the Cause of the Territorial Disputes in East Asia

- Kiyofumi Kato (The National Institute of Japanese Literature, Tokyo):

   The Soviet Entry into the Pacific War and the Establishment of a New Order in Northeast Asia: Japanese Repatriation in International Politics

- Richa Malhotra (University of Delhi):

   Rumours in II World War and Individual Satyagrah: A Case Study

- Tristan Moss (Australian National University):

   Papua New Guinean Anzacs? The PNG Defence Force the legacy and of the Second World War

- Joan Beaumont (Australian National University):

   The politics of burying the dead in Asia after World

IAO 14
2 PM-5:15 PM

Conference Room on the 3rd Floor, Southern Building, Nanjiao Hotel

Business Meeting

IAO 15
2 PM-5:15 PM

Room 1018, Club of  Nanjiao Hotel


Session 3: Business Meeting of the Network on Global and World History Organizations
Chair: Patrick Manning (University of Pittsburgh)

- Katja Naumann (GZWO Leipzig):

   Report on Activities and Finances from the Headquarters

- Weiwei Zhang (Nankai University, Tianjin):

   Reports on Activities from the Member Organizations

- Launch of the Publication “A Commented Bibliography on World, Global, and Big History, 2010-2015”

- Elections

IAO 16  Commission internationale d’histoire militaire*

2 PM-5:15 PM

Room 1012, Club of Nanjiao Hotel

Business Meeting
Organizer : Erwin A. Schmidl 

*After the Jinan Congress, the International Commission of Military History organizes its 41st Congress in Bejing, the 30 August-4 September 2015

IAO 17  International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography (ICHTH)

2 PM-5:15 PM

Room 1013, Club of Nanjiao Hotel

General Assembly
Organizer : Antonis Liakos

Evening Session
History and Ethics
7:45 PM-9:30 PM

Shandong Energy Hall, Shandong Hotel

Organizer: Jie-Hyun Lim (Critical Global Studies Institute, Sogang University)

Keynote Speaker: Matthias Middell (University of Leipzig):

The transnational turn in historiography - New ethical challenges?


- Patrick Manning (University of Pittsburg)

- Stefan Berger (University of Bochum)

- Edhem Eldem (Boğaziçi University)

- Naoki O’Danaka (Tohoku University)

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