13 Disciplines of SDU Rank Among Top 1% in ESI
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13 Disciplines of SDU Rank Among Top 1% in ESI
DateandTime: 2015-09-16 17:26:33


According to recent data provided by Thomson Reuters from its Essential Science Indicators (ESI), Shandong University ranked among the top 1% of worldwide institutions in the field of “Immunology”. 447 papers were cited 3,747 times in total, the average citation reaching 8.38 times per paper. As for now, SDU ranks among top 1% in the ESI in 13 scientific research fields.

The 13 disciplines include chemistry, physics, clinical medicine, material sciences, biology & biochemistry, engineering, pharmacology & toxicology, neuroscience & behavior, mathematics, environment & ecology, immunology, plant & animal science, social sciences general. The number of SDU disciplines entering the top 1% in ESI ranks 8th among Chinese Mainland Universities.

29,273 papers of SDU were cited 234,763 times in total. 223 among them are top papers, cited 2,400 times in total, and 8.02 times on average. The paper citation rate of SDU ranked 405th among the total 4,865 institutions, and ranked 9th among Chinese mainland universities.  


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