SDU New Student Registration for International Students
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SDU New Student Registration for International Students
DateandTime: 2015-09-11 08:55:30



From September 7th to 9th , 735 international students from 102 countries including South Korea, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Japan, Thailand, to name but a few, have finished up registration, with more students coming in succession. SDU Vice President Chen Zijiang visited the registration site and welcomed new students.



This year, we managed to carry out freshmen registration simultaneously both on the Central Campus and Baotuquan Campus. In order to guarantee that all the international students a safe arrival and smooth registration, the Department of International Affairs worked with the Department of Finance, College of International Education, School of Medicine and the Informatization Office to make preparations in advance.

Meanwhile, careful preparations were also made in freshmen pick-up, accommodation arrangement as well as the freshmen registration system and procedures. Hundreds of The Guide to Freshmen Registration in four languages of Chinese, English, Korean and French have been printed for the convenience of freshmen in the registration process.


The Department of International Affairs of SDU has included the international student associations into the foreign student reception group for the first time. Members of 21 international student associations of countries and regions such as South Korea, Russia, Pakistan and Africa helped to guide the freshmen to go through all the procedures on the registration scene and to adapt to their new lives in SDU.


In addition, SDU has adopted the new online payment system for the first time, which has greatly improved the work efficiency. In order to participate in the welcoming and registration work of international students, over 50 volunteers from SICA and International Students Associations gave up the last few days of summer vacation and came back to school before it starts. Their hospitality and good spiritual outlook have left a deep impression in the heart of freshmen.

After the registration, the Department of International Affairs will hold Freshmen Orientation to help them adapt to their new life in SDU as quick as possible.

This year, we have enrolled over 400 students of undergraduate, master or doctoral degrees, over 460 visiting students majoring in Chinese language and 84 exchange students, with the total enrollment reaching a new high.

This year not only witnesses a large number of international students ever, but also students of multiple nationalities and majors, covering Chinese Government Scholarship students, Premed students, MOFCOM scholarship students, China Development Bank scholarship students, Confucius Institute scholarship students, Huawei scholarship students, interschool exchange students and self-financed international students.

By constantly expanding enrollment channels of Confucius Institute and interschool exchanges, the College of International Education managed to strengthen the alumni liaison work and develop new programs with South Korea, Thailand, the US etc,, keeping a steady growth of the number of international students. The enrollment of new programs taught in English, including IMBA of the School of Economics and Project Management of the School of Management, got off to a good start and enrolled 43 students in total.

Source: The Department of International Affairs of SDU

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