The Welcoming Gala for the College of International Education’s 2015 Freshmen and the Closing Ceremony of “Culture in Motion” Held
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The Welcoming Gala for the College of International Education’s 2015 Freshmen and the Closing Ceremony of “Culture in Motion” Held
DateandTime: 2015-11-05 11:09:03


On October 31, the welcoming gala for the College of International Education’s 2015 incoming students and the closing ceremony of “Culture in Motion” was held in ShengKunlun Concert Hall. The excellent performance from both international and Chinese students attracted a large audience to enjoy the visual feast.

With the dynamic opening African dance, the gala was announced to begin by hosts from China, Belgium, Turkmenistan and Congo in four different languages.



Colorful music built the bridge of friendship between students around the world: Korean students soothed people's heart with the romantic love song; Mexican student Charles crooned folk song while playing a guitar, arousing the musical tenderness in audience's hearts; Campus Star Zheng Jian return to the stage with the song Returning and the Classical Song Mix pushing the gala to another climax.

Fabulous dances of diverse styles lighted the passion of all the audience: Korean girls showed the magic of K-pop with their adorable dance; the national dance performance delivered by students from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Mongolia enabled the audiences to appreciate cultural diversity; Chinese students’ hot jazz fueled the atmosphere of the whole hall.


Limitless creativity brought great surprise to the gala: 6 overseas students performed an amusing sketch which vividly reflected their daily life in Shandong University; along with traditional Chinese dance and Sizhu music, Painting and Calligraphy Association presented an elegant calligraphy at the gala; Chinese Kongfu performed by both international and Chinese students conveyed positive and inspiring spirit to the people. Most surprisingly, sophomores used a lovely dance to express their sincere love and gratitude to the teacher.

The gala ended with chorus performed by the freshmen of CIE, bringing down the curtain on a visual feast that dazzled the audiences with unforgettable memories.

The first “Culture in Motion”organized by CIE offered a platform for multicultural communication in which students from different countries showed their national culture around the theme of “music” , “clothes” and “book”. Various theme events exposed the students to a cross-culture environment and widened their horizons, which is popularized among the majority of teachers and students.

Written by Jiang Jingkun

Photo by Chen Qinqiang

Source: College of International Education

Edited by Xietingting

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