Symposium on Strategic Planning for Schools of Computer Science and Software Held
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Symposium on Strategic Planning for Schools of Computer Science and Software Held
DateandTime: 2015-9-25 09:42:37

The Symposium on Strategic Planning for the School of Computer Science and School of Software was held successfully in Jinan recently. Professor Zhang Rong, President of Shandong University, met with the participating experts. Professor Lv Jian, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Nanjing University, attended the seminar and gave a talk. Professor Liu Jianya, Vice President of SDU, addressed the symposium. 

In his talk, Lv Jian explained his understanding on the connotation of “discipline” and the challenges our university encountered at the current stage, pointing out that the key to building a strong program is to have a good external academic environment as well as a harmonious relationship between researcher and the community. Liu Jianya extended his warm welcome to all the invited speakers and looked forward to their experience sharing, which will contribute to the strategic planning of the two schools.

Professor Bao Hujun, Director of Informatics Division of Zhejiang University, gave a speech titled “Recruiting Talents and Fostering Junior Faculty”, in which he emphasized the importance of teamwork, pointing out that junior faculty should be passionate about research, and on the other hand, their academic leaders should strive to offer them a free environment. Professor Jin Hai, ex-Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, gave a talk titled “The Reform of Faculty Personnel System and Junior Faculty Cultivation”, expressing that we should bring into full play the role of personnel system in building academic strengths, try to simplify the talents recruiting procedures, and build an open and free academic environment. Professor Lu Kai, Vice Dean of the School of Computer Science at the National University of Defense Technology, gave a talk titled “Build strong research programs by taking advantage of your strengths”, introducing how to build strong research programs by bringing out the best of your strengths including the guidance principles, development methods and the possible challenges, etc. 

Professor Wu Feng, Dean of the School of Information Science and Technology of the University of Science and Technology of China, shared his school’s experiences in determining priority areas, faculty team building and talents recruitment, etc, and pointed out some of the problems we all face. Professor Guo Minyi, Dean of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, elaborated on what his school had done in strategic planning, introducing the various kinds of academic evaluation metrics employed in ranking universities, and mentioned that we should stimulate faculty’s enthusiasm for research through a reform of the evaluation system. Professor Li Jianzhong from the School of Computer Science and Technology at the Harbin Institute of Technology, gave a talk titled “Team Building for Data Science and Engineering Research”, in which he introduced the forefront directions in the area of data science and engineering, and shared his experiences in team building, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious team culture. 

Professor Ma Huadong, Dean of the School of Computer Science of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, gave a talk titled “Explorations and Future Development of Internet of Things”, sharing his knowledge on the IoT discipline and providing a look into its future. Professor Li Xiaoming, President Assistant and Leader of the MOOC Task Force of Peking University gave a talk titled “Opportunities and Challenges MOOC will bring to the Computer Discipline”, in which he introduced in detail the relationship between MOOC and discipline construction, and looked into the revolutionary changes that MOOC will bring to the computer discipline and the whole society. 

Professor Liu Hongwei, Director of the Department of Discipline Building and Development of SDU, shared his opinions in areas related to discipline building, such as talents recruiting, and junior faculty cultivation, etc. Chen Baoquan, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology & the School of Software at SDU, gave a report on the status of the two schools, and shared his thoughts on its future development. As the faculty representatives of the two Schools, Professor Guo Jiong, Professor Yu Xiaohui, and Professor Xu Qiuliang, reported respectively on the schools’ endeavors in the areas of theoretical computer science, big data management and analysis, and network security. 

During the one-day symposium, the experts applauded the achievements the school has made in strategic planning and academic development, and made constructive suggestions in the areas of team building, talent recruiting, junior faculty fostering, and the reform of the faculty personnel system, etc. Specifically, they recommended that we combine the school-level external evaluation and the university-level external evaluation into one step during the faculty recruiting process so as to simplify the procedures and improve its efficiency.

Written by Li Huijing

Photo by Li Huijing

Source: The School of Computer Science and School of Software  

Edited by Xie Tingting

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