SDU Launched the First Young Scholar’s Future Plan Cultivation Project
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SDU Launched the First Young Scholar’s Future Plan Cultivation Project
Fifty-four people were selected as the first batch of choices to join the future plan
DateandTime: 2015-11-15 17:20:06


On October 10, 54 people selected to join “SDU Young Scholar’s Future Plan” took part in the opening training session at SDU. They were the first batch of choices for this plan. Han Shenghao, Vice President of SDU, attended the session and made a speech.

Han presented the background of “SDU Young Scholar’s Future Plan” and conveyed the significance of it in building a world-class university, constructing talent support system and cultivating young scholars. Han fully affirmed the potential of selected young scholars and encouraged them to meet the demands of university construction, keep setting up the virtue and personality and upgrading themselves, make practical plan of academic improvement, strengthen their ability of international communication and cooperation, and explore distinctive research fields to be the backbone power of subject construction.

Chen Hongwei, Minister of Personnel Department, SDU, presided over this session. Officials of relevant departments including the Talent Service Office, Personnel Department, Department of Science and Technology Management, Departmrnt of Humannities and Social Sciences, Department of Assets and Laboratory Management, Financial Department, Library, etc., attended the session. They interpreted and introduced the information about SDU’s current development of scientific research, relevant management rules of loboratory and instrument, basic scientific research expenses and relevant financial policies, paper evaluation system, etc. in detail to help young scholars understand the policy better and make good use of resources.

“SDU Young Scholar’s Future Plan” is a cultivation project for young scholars which is featured with widespread scopes, long-term training and comprehensive supporting measures. It aims to support and cultivate a mainstay group of around 500 young scholars with academic potential within 10 years with the support of research funds, salary improvements, andexpanding overseas research and study channels. The plan selected 54 people for the first batch with a total scientific research funding of 21.7 million yuan. For the next step, SDU will sign an agreement with each selected young scholar to ensure relevant remuneration and carry out monographic consultation, training as well as academic evaluation.  More research fund would be provided to those with prominent achievements. 


Translated by: Fu Xumeng  Michelle Pu

Photo by: Ma Chicheng

Edited by: Xie Tingting, Pu Yang 

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