2016, Our New Year Resolutions!
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2016, Our New Year Resolutions!
DateandTime: 2016-01-07 18:04:50

As the year comes to the beginning of 2016, SDUers have new expectations for the New Year. What are their wishes? What are their resolutions? We interviewed different SDUers, and recorded their blessings of this year. Let’s hear what they say!


Zhang Yujian, a nurse from the obstetrical section of Qilu Hospital: The patients help us make progress and my colleagues bring me a lot of positive energy. I feel grateful for what life has given me and each person around me.


Scott Davis (U.S.), teacher from School of Foreign Languages and Literature: I wish everybody deeper understanding of the world, and a concomitant end to superficiality; also I hope the coming year brings more openness and tolerance for us all.

Li Haiyan from the security office of Qingdao campus construction department: 2016 will witness the SDU Qingdao campus go into operation and my colleagues and I will create a good and safe environment. We expect a beautiful campus with red bricks, green trees, clear waters and blue sky in the near future.


Jason M. Bryant (U.S.), teacher from School of Foreign Languages and Literature: Have a great new year! Rest, do at least one really fun thing, and come back excited for the next semester! 


Halas (France), teacher from School of Foreign Languages and Literature: Happy New Year to all of you Shanda students and your family! Keep working as good as you are doing now for a great future!


Shi Benkang, Doctor from Qilu Hospital of SDU: I expect new effectiveness of the medical reform which can benefit more people and medical institutions; a prosperous development of our hospital; moreover, a nation making greater progresses and his people living a happy and healthy life!


Zaid (Pakistan), student from School of Economics: Year 2016! A new year and new opportunity for us all to bring happiness to our life and people around us. Stay blessed and keep rocking this year!


Professor Fang Xu and Associate Professor Wang Mingyu are instructing students to do experiments at State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology: In 2015, we finished a subject of the national 863 program successfully, and won the first bronze medal of the International Bio-molecular Design Competition for SDU. Moreover, as supervisors, we feel very happy that we have four more graduates receiving their master’s degrees. In 2016, We hope to work in the brand new environment of Qingdao campus, and strive for higher achievements with our students. 



Kayshell Jennings (Guyana), student from College of International Education: My wish for 2016 is that it will be a year of “choices” despite the circumstances and trials. I wish that you choose to let go of heartaches; that you choose dignity and bravery. Choose to forgive yourself. Choose to forgive others. Choose to see your value and choose love, life and happiness. Choose good experiences and new adventures, and last but not least, choose to spread your wings and let your beauty show. Happy 2016 everyone!


Marc Lee (U.S.), student from School of Foreign Languages and Literature: Wish all the best for my family and friends. Hope my niece’s first year will be filled with joy and love.  


Dong Yujian, head chef of the Hongjialou campus: Our greatest hope for the new year is to innovate dishes and improve the quality of our meals on the premise of guaranteeing the food safety. Hope all students can enjoy delicious and healthy meals in the canteen! 


Wang Yue (left) from School of Mechanical Engineering won the first prize in the provincial engineering competition recently: I hope I could participate in more meaningful competitions in the new year. Whatever the outcome is, the most important thing is that I learn much and make progress.

In the process of making unmanned aerial vehicle in 2015, Feng Weiran, another student from School of Mechanical Engineering (right), got inner sight of the area and much fun. He says: In the new year, I would like to give thanks to the teachers who have been so helpful and the Aeromodelling Association for their support.



Gabriel Vital (Brazil), teacher from College of International Education: I wish Shanda community peace, prosperity, patience and perseverance to achieve their goals. May 2016 be a fantastic year for everyone.


Gao Yuandi from School of Life Sciences gathers with her parents in her hometown Tianjin: I will treasure the possessing happiness and love my family and parents in 2016.



Merlone Kevin Axel (Republic of Congo), student of international relations major from School of Political Science and Public Administration: Happy New Year to all our teachers and friends. I hope our SDU get better and better, and this year bring us happiness, joy, healthy and all the best. 


Pratim Chakma (Bangladesh), student from College of International Education: A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind. Wish you all a new year filled with new hope, new joy and new beginnings.


Rachel Wang (U.S.), teacher from School of Foreign Languages and Literature: My New Year's resolution is to be more flexible, physically and mentally, in order to grow and improve in 2016.


Professor Zhang Qinghe from School of Space Science and Applied Physics, SDU at Weihai: In 2016, I hope to meet the challenge and embrace the new journey with great passion while forge ahead to climb the heights of science in a realistic and pragmatic way.


Professor Zhang Qingsong (the third on the left) from Geo&Stru Engineering Research Center with his students working at the project site in Guangxi Province: A new year, a brand new start. We will make our efforts to become the best academic team of the underground engineering for disaster prevention in China!


Doctors and Nurses from the Second Hospital of SDU: In the new year, we will accompany every child to overcome the illness and regain health as we always do.

Translated by: Chen Shangmin

Edited by: Xie Tingting

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