The 2016 Sino-US Entrepreneurs' Forum & Sino-US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Held Successfully
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The 2016 Sino-US Entrepreneurs' Forum & Sino-US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Held Successfully
DateandTime: 2016-04-13 16:53:05


The 2016 Sino-US Entrepreneurs' Forum, which was jointly hosted by Shandong University and Qingdao municipal government, was held successfully in Qingdao from April 8th to 9th. Guo Shuqing, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shandong Committee and Governor, Hao Ping, Vice Minister of Education, David Leebron, the president of Rice University and Li Qun, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shandong Committee and Secretary of CPC Qingdao Committee attended the forum and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony was moderated by Li Shouxin, the party secretary of SDU, and Zhang Rong, the president of SDU, offered welcoming remarks on behalf of the organizers.

During the finals, 96 teams of the US and China won the preliminary round and then an intense and exciting contention launched. The project of mobile internet, biomedicine, energy saving and environmental protection and new materials, and information and intelligent manufacturing were included, and 26 projects won this competition.

Guo Shuqing extended congratulations to the Sino-US Entrepreneurs’ Forum on behalf of Shandong provincial leadership. He said Shandong will support and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in various fields and by all groups of people.

In his speech, Hao Ping said that this competition attracted wide attention among contemporary youth in China and the United States, providing a platform for learning and communicating with each other. Entrepreneurship and innovation is an important part of China-US cultural and personnel exchange. He hoped that all the participants could make pioneering effort, think outside the box, find inspiration during competition and cooperation, and strive for better performance.

David Leebron said that the greatest influence that a university can exert on innovation is the cultivation of students’ innovative spirit which can promote greater success. He hoped to cooperate with SDU and build collaborative platform.

Li Shouxin said this competition will provide a precious opportunity for SDU and all parties in innovating cooperation mechanism, optimizing superior resources, and promoting technological and cultural innovation, thus contributing to the social and economic development.

Li Qun expressed his feelings on the global trend of entrepreneurs. He welcomed more companies, investors and entrepreneurs to come to Qingdao, and Qingdao would provide more support for everyone.

Zhang Rong hoped that both Chinese and American youth could exchange ideas and breed creativity by this competition, thus leading to culture integration. He mentioned the efforts made by Shandong University to explore the patterns of education on innovation and entrepreneurship, and introduced the new campus in Qingdao and the international scientific innovation garden of SDU, which will be put into operation. At the same time, he also promised that SDU would introduce world-leading, mature projects into the garden for further scientific and research incubation, land cultivation as well as industrial transformation, in order to accelerate the internationalization of the Blue Economy Zone.

After the opening ceremony, three winning teams of the competition demonstrated their work, including Tovala, a smart oven, Dobot, a desktop robotic arm, and Xun Qiu app. Zhou Yunjie, rotating president of Haier Group, John Flavin, executive director of Chicago Innovation Exchange, and Wu Gansha, ex-director of Intel Labs China delivered speeches respectively.

In the afternoon on 9th April, the awarding ceremony of the contest was held together with three forums. Wang Yongjian, deputy director of Qingdao High-Tech Zone Administration Committee, attended the ceremony and announced the conclusion of the event. Hu Jinyan, vice-president and director of School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of SDU, presented awards to the representatives of excellent teams. There are 26 projects in total being awarded, with 4 as first prize, 10 second prize, and 12 third prize.


In the forum on Ecological Elements of Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosted by Wei Feng who is the founder of COCO Space, Hu Jinyan and Shuigen Xiao, assistant of vice-president at Georgetown University, discussed different understandings of ecological system of innovation and how to cultivate innovative talents.

Chen Baoquan, dean of School of Computer Science and Technology, presided over the forum on Talk between Makers: Tendency of Sino-US innovation and Entrepreneurship where three guests exchanged ideas of the differences of the environment for business startups between China and America in terms of policies, culture and innovation ideas, of whom were Johann H. Gutierrez, CIO of TechReactor Company in Silicon Valley, Wu Gansha, and Li Chunyang, founder of Chong Dong Fan Fan, an online platform for multi-languages translation.

Tu Zheng, partner of QF Capital, Samuel Katz from Yale University, and Zhang Sai from Robot Phoenix Technology were present at the forum of Technological Innovations-Leading New Tendency of Entrepreneurship as guest speaker. The forum was chaired by Huang Weiping, dean of School of Information Science and Engineering and chief scientist of Hisense Group. On the forum, they discussed how to covert technology into commercial and social values, and exchanged ideals of the relationship between technology and entrepreneurship. They also talked about new trends in technological innovations, the relationship between technological advances and human needs, and university students’ innovative undertaking.


Translated by Sun Yuanyuan, Li Wenwen

Edited by Zhao Yan

Photo by Yang Yunlei, Jia Ningyuan

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