Second Prize: Zeeshan Farhaj: My journey
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Second Prize: Zeeshan Farhaj: My journey
DateandTime: 2016-06-01 18:46:25

It all seems like it happened yesterday; day I put my first step in P. R. China, I was welcomed by my three respected senior student brothers, all geared up to face winter, for me it was first time I have seen such a cold weather, it was freezing, we took a cab and my journey to SDU was in another leg now, we reached Beijing Railway station and before sunset we were on our way to Jinan, all of my brothers were fasting as it was Holy month of Ramadan and I skipped it because of a long journey, yes finding Halal food was a big task then, so they all had something for breakfast like water, juices and steamed rice packed along with them. We reached Jinan railway station by night, in last decade trains used to take 5-8 hours to reach Jinan depending on their type.


Next day early am, I had my first Suhoor in China with my brothers, and after sunrise registration procedure was ahead which was so quick due to professional efforts of registration desk, finishing all that I attended my first class ever in China of Chinese language, that day onward it was all interesting and knowledge, which was all due to efforts of our teachers, they dedicated their time, efforts and skills to teach us about Homo sapience and its enemies. It was my honor to meet such a diverse class of professors and teachers at this institute, mentioning their names will make a long list and mentioning few will be unfair to others, yes there were few who inspired me as a whole to become what I am today, as I remember one of my professors told me that you will be best at surgery.


My journey lasted from 2003-2008 in SDU and Jinan, all those years were full of experience and events. Among those the number of moats in Jinan, and following their track on foot, in summer or winter was one of the great experiences I had in Jinan, refreshing smell of spring water flowing in moat along Baotuquan north road and Heihuquan north road especially were and are my favorite places to spend some quality time away from busy life.


I was delighted to visit coastal cities of Yantai and Dalian, where Yantai corniche was very charming, on the other hand Dalian’s was sedating and calm, underwater world of Dalian was a visit which is punched into my memory with penguin dance.


During hospital rotation time I came across a miracle of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our professor who is amazing at rehabilitation therapy, treated a young girl from being not able to walk without braces even for a meter to walk without it for the distance she could wish for, it took her few months to get rid of those braces which she used all her life, and I am happy to say that I witnessed this. Our professor is still out there in Qilu hospital probably helping uncountable number of people to get back to their normal life.


Years passed by then came the happiest day of a student’s life “Graduation Day”. Well simply there are no words to explain such an exquisite day, it’s one of a kind, those who have experienced it can understand what it is and those who haven’t will do on their day. It was the day when happiness and sadness were there at the same time informing that I would be leaving my institute which made me something to face challenges out there with a lion heart, all those mixed feelings can sum up a day of such great importance, I would say yes, but partly. Departing SDU was like leaving your parents knowing that you will not see them again, who would have known that my journey at SDU did not end, it just took a long turn to continue into another leg 7 years later.


5th September, 2015,I was back at SDU Central campus standing in line for registration after 7 years of successful clinical experience and employment in one of Middle East’s leading hospital which is credited to professors and teachers of SDU, because of them I was able to work in most challenging environment one could imagine.


Now my post-graduation training is under mentorship of one of China’s finest Congenital Heart Diseases Surgeon, who has invented minimal invasive surgery for congenital septal defects, not only that, second month in my training I already have attended a successful switch surgery of a 20 days old infant, for Transposition of Great Arteries, which is one of rarer congenital heart anomalies.

I am just at the start of SDU journey which I thought has ended in 2008, this time around I wish to give something back to this institute if I had the chance.

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