SDU President Zhang Rong Attended the 10th Yellow Sea Rim University Presidential Forum
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SDU President Zhang Rong Attended the 10th Yellow Sea Rim University Presidential Forum
DateandTime: 2016-07-21 22:25:26


On July 13, the 10th Yellow Sea Rim University Presidential Forum was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu province. Hosted by Yancheng Teachers University and co-hosted by Shandong University, this forum attracted 22 universities from China, Japan and South Korea. SDU President Zhang Rong attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech.


In the speech, Zhang denoted that the forum would not only promote the cooperation and communication between industry, university and research, but also exert a positive influence on culture and education in China, Japan and Korea. The forum’s theme, Government-Industry-University-Research Cooperation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, has practical significance and great value of the time. Universities, as the high ground of education and talent cultivation, should serve public enterprise and innovation, which is the demand of the time. Meanwhile, universities should contribute to China’s innovation and entrepreneurship, including strengthening cultural construction, setting up platforms and cultivating talents. Then Zhang introduced the efforts SDU has made to encourage the innovation and entrepreneurship education. For example, SDU established the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and formed a union to bring in social resources. Also, SDU built platforms and guarantee relative resources, which is secured by a comprehensive system of five pillars consisting of curriculum, tutors,training, incubation and financing. The system is right on the way to immediate improvement. In the end, Zhang expected that representatives would share their experience and learn from others on the China-Japan-Korea cooperation of industry, university, research as well as development of innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to make more contributions to the further development and friendly exchanges of different universities.

The Yellow Sea Rim University Presidential Forum is a part of the Yellow Sea Rim Economic and Technical Exchange Conference, which is jointly held by the Department of Asian Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, China, the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea. The forum, centered around the universities on the Yellow Sea rim, aims to strengthen the cooperation on industry, university and research and promote the international cooperation and exchanges of talents and technologies in this region.  


Translated by: Li Wenwen & Sun Yuanyuan

Edited by:Xie Tingting & Lang Cuicui

Photoed by: Xue Guanghua


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