The 2016 Annual Freshmen Welcome Show
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The 2016 Annual Freshmen Welcome Show
DateandTime: 2016-12-17 21:50:13

Every year Shandong University arranges a number of festivals, performances and shows to highlight the achievements and lifestyles of the international students and to welcome the freshmen. A busy week of celebrations- dance, cultural exchanges, singing, and performances- ended with a big success of the welcome party with full participation of students from different countries. This year witnessed the second International Freshmen Welcome Party that was arranged by the College of International Education of Shandong University, students from Jinan University and different SDU schools and departments at the Concert Hall, Central Campus of SDU. In the party, various exotic cultures were displayed by the International students via their clothes, music, dance and food.

Cultural contact is a good way to bring harmony to society via exchange of knowledge and thoughts and respect of others' beliefs and cultural heritages. It was just in this way that the freshmen were welcomed this year.The international students from various countries were involved in this big party which was colored and enriched by their awesome performances, performances that were well organized to surpass others. Besides, Muhammad Ali Akbar, Bachelor degree student of University of Jinan, was invited as the host. He was quite enthusiastic because in the first place, it was his first time to host such a big party in SDU, and in the second place, he got an opportunity to learn and interact with students from different cultural backgrounds. 

The climax of the show arrived when Bhangra Dance of Pakistan performed by Muhammad Ijaz along with his teammates Sarim Siddique, Muhammad Ali Akbar, M Javed Iqbal(JD), Wasiq Naseer, Haroon Ali Kabeer and Aqeel Khan. The curtain opened and Sarim Sidique was performing Michael Jackson’s world renowned moves Crotch Grab, The Spin, The Feet Shuffle and The Robot. The audience was amazed and whistling and clapping on fantastic moves. He was in the middle of his apex performance while Muhammad Ijaz entered the room with a sweeper to ask Sarim to clear the way as he needed to clean the floor. While Sarim refused to do so, Ijaz took off his coat and started dancing Punjabi Bhangra of Pakistan. After the amazing dance, other team members Ali, JD, Wasiq and Haroon entered together and performed the bhanghra. They were in the middle of the performance while Aqeel entered with the Dholl (a Punjabi drum) beats saying “Aoo Nachiye!” (Let’s dance!) And beats and heartbeats increased while the audience was on the edge of their seats and feet to appreciate. The outstanding performance made the audience, who were amazed with the mind blowing performance, wave their hands and some of them started dancing and loudly appreciated the performers. 


The performance finished with Jazzy and Sarim at the corner of the stage pointing to the mid of stage where other team members were holding big boards with the flags of Pakistan and China handshake and the Chinese characters written beneath ‘zhong ba youyi wan sui’ (Long Live China Pakistan Friendship). The show ended with key note of love, admire, happiness and good wishes from the hosts for new students in SDU. 


The show had an outstanding end to this celebration last week but left everlasting memories and happiness for Everyone. 

Author: Dr.Muhammad Shahbaz (Ali) , PhD Student in the School of Medicine, Shandong University  on CSC (China Scholarship Council) Scholarship

Editor: Chen Shangmin, Lang Cuicui

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