The Delegation of University of Adelaide visits SDU
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The Delegation of University of Adelaide visits SDU
DateandTime: 2016-12-12 8:27:20

From December 5 to 6, Nancy Cromar, Vice President of University of Adelaide led a delegation to visit SDU. SDU Vice President Chen Zijiang met with the delegation and renewed the Memorandum of Understanding and Student Exchange Agreement with Nancy on behalf of respective universities.


In the meeting, Chen introduced the development of SDU and the basic condition of Cheeloo College of Medicine. She acknowledged that the cooperation in student exchange programs and public health research has been made successfully since the establishment of cooperative relations between the two institutions in 1986. Two universities have made great contribution to the intercollegiate and Sino-Australian exchange and communication by co-founding Confucius Institute In November 2007, where Chinese teaching and various cultural and academic activities were carried out. Since this year marks the 30th anniversary of establishment of friendly relations, Chen expressed her hope to further strengthen this friendly relationship and seek more opportunities of cooperation.

Nancy said she was pleased to see the cooperation in scientific research and exchange of students and teachers between the two universities were progressing smoothly. Building on the current cooperation in public health and English language and literature, she hoped to further enhance scientific research collaboration and develop 3+1+1 Bachelor’s /Master’s Program and 2+1 Joint Master’s Degree Program with SDU. For cooperation in Confucius Institute, Nancy highly appreciated the construction of Center for Research and Experience of Traditional Chinese Culture of SDU and the setting of Chinese curriculum. She said she would actively promote more students from University of Adelaide to study at SDU and invited SDU representatives to participate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide next year. For cooperation in medicine, University of Adelaide hoped to establish communication mechanism with Cheeloo College of Medicine and boost comprehensive cooperation in medical field.


After the meeting, the delegation also visited Cheeloo College of Medicine, Office of Confucius Institute, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, and School of Public Health. Relevant representatives from both universities, including School of Public Health, School of Social Sciences, International Office, Confucius Institute from University of Adelaide and Department of International Affairs, Office of Confucius Institute, Cheeloo College of Medicine, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, School of Public Health from SDU also attended the meeting.


Translated by: Li Wenwen, Zhao Yan

Edited by: Chen Huiqing

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