SDU Ranks 27th in Alma Mater Index (Global Executives) 2017
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SDU Ranks 27th in Alma Mater Index (Global Executives) 2017
SDU Ranking 3rd Among Chinese Mainland Universities
DateandTime: 2017-02-18 18:09:23

Recently Times Higher Education had released the Alma Mater Index (Global Executives) 2017. Shandong University is 27th in the global ranking, and 3rd among Chinese mainland universities.


According to the ranking, the university that have cultivated most CEOs is Harvard University. In second and third place are Stanford University and HEC Paris. 39 American universities and 17 Chinese mainland universities are included in the index, among which Shandong University is in third place of all Chinese mainland universities.


This is a ranking including 100 universities according to how many qualifications they have awarded to chief executives of members of Fortune magazine’s Fortune Global 500. The index methodology is simple and limited to accessible public data, but it still gives a clear picture of the educational background of these outstanding CEOs. Fortune Global 500, selected by Fortune magazine each year, have substantial significance in the world economy. Overall, US institutions have educated 231 Fortune Global 500 chief executives: by far the biggest number. The US is followed by China, whose universities have educated 116 chief executives; the next are France, Germany, the UK and Japan respectively.


Times Higher Education is an authoritative British magazine of higher education famous for its annual "world university rankings".


Link of the ranking: THE Alma Mater Index 2017: who educates the global business elite?

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