Pictures: Spring in Willows and Reading in Gentle Breeze
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Pictures: Spring in Willows and Reading in Gentle Breeze
DateandTime: 2017-02-27 19:57:57

The spring, coming instantly the Rains (one of the 24 Solar Terms) was over, woke up the willows and the plum blossoms. And the snow came quietly then, adding much beauty and fun to the SDU campus.

Admire the Spring

The moment you see blossoms of thousands of colors, you know that spring comes. Plum, magnolia and forsythia; stone bridge, square and roofs; all together form a picturesque scenery.



Appreciate the Snow

The snow added radiance and charm to the beautiful campus. They were like elves sometimes standing at the branches and sometimes lying on the petals. So attractive the picturs were that our students and teachers couldn’t help capturing them all with their cameras.


Cherish the Spring Time

Early spring is the best time of the year. With coldness fading away and everything coming back to life, we can feel the approach of vigor and hope which can also be seen in blooming blossoms, pleasant sound of reading and writing, smiles of teachers and students, morning exercisers, and people reveled in the sea of flowers... 







Translated by: Lang Cuicui

Edited by: Xie tingting, Lang Cuicui

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