Green Campaigns Take Place on the Campuses of Shandong University
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Green Campaigns Take Place on the Campuses of Shandong University
DateandTime: 2017-03-15 22:05:55

To mark China's Arbor Day on March 12, university officials and students took this opportunity to plant trees and green the campuses. Among the university officials were Li Shouxin, Zhang Rong, Li Jianjun, Wang Qilong, Tong Xinghua, Chen Xiangyang, Cao Shengyuan, and Hu Jinyan, who participated a tree-planting event on the Xinglongshan Campus on March 13. 



East of the Tiangong Lake on the Xinglongshan Campus is home to the newly planted Acer rubrum. University officials, including Li Shouxin and Zhang Rong, earthed up and watered the trees with faculties and students. After the event, Li Shouxin and Zhang Rong inquired of the greening programs on the Xinglongshan Campus and encouraged tree-planting activities to create a greener campus environment.  



Faculties and students participated in the planting, sharing their experience and feelings about this activity on the spot. 400 5-centimeter-wide Acer rubrums were planted on the Xinglongshan Campus during this green campaign. 


Apart from the Xinglong Campus, green campaigns had been organized on the Central Campus, the Hongjialou Campus, and the Qianfoshan Campus as the Arbor Day approached. On the Qingdao campus, crews and students also participated in a tree-planting event, in a bid to create a greener university by planting cherry-apple trees donated by SDU Alumni Association in Weifang. On March 11, 100 volunteers from Weihai Campus participated in the activity themed with "Planting trees for Weihai, and contributing to building an ecological city". In this activity, about 16,000 trees were planted, including cherry blossoms, midget crabapple, and Korean pines.


Translated by: Li Wenwen

Edited by: Zhao Yan

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