Opening Report Held for a Major Program Under NSSF
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Opening Report Held for a Major Program Under NSSF
DateandTime: 2017-04-21 10:21:15

The opening report of the project “Cataloging, Copy and Organization of Chinese Ancient Books in Russia” supported by the National Social Science Fund (NSSF) of China was held on April 6 on the central campus of SDU. Prof. Wang Peiyuan, from the International Sinology Research Center, SDU, is the chief expert. Hu Jinyan, Vice President of SDU, attended and addressed the report.

Hu introduced the establishment and development of the International Sinology Research Center. He praised the Center for what it had done in collecting and studying ancient books, digitalizing ancient books abroad, photocopying rare books as well as building a database. All these efforts, he said, are significant for both the present and the future as valuable means of inheriting brilliant traditional Chinese culture and driving forces for SDU to rejuvenate literature and history studies. He added that in order to revitalize the subjects of literature and history, SDU had introduced and revised a series of scientific management regulations, improving the research quality of humanities and social sciences. The program “Cataloguing, Copy and Organization of Chinese ancient books in Russia” is a typical example.

Prof. Wang delivered a keynote speech. He demonstrated the basis, value, objective, methods and challenges of the research, elaborating the importance of Chinese ancient books in Russia among all overseas Chinese works. Based on the status quo of the research, he also introduced the framework, plan and division of labor and detailed the expected results of the project.

The scholars present carefully analyzed, discussed and commented on the content and plan of the study from different perspectives. The experts panel concluded that the selection of the topic is significant, and the plan is reasonable with a solid foundation. Based on the research and cataloging of ancient Chinese books in Russia, this study aimed at the digitalized return of all major books. This would not only help realize the global integration of Chinese ancient books, but also benefit the whole academic circle by providing precious materials for sinology and propelling the development of the international sinology. It could be taken as an example for the digitalized return of Chinese ancient books in other countries or regions. Meanwhile, the panel made some constructive suggestions. Members of the research group listened to these suggestions carefully, saying that they would discuss and absorb them to further improve the study.

The report was chaired by Prof. Wang Xuedia, associate executive dean of the Advanced Institute of Confucian Studies. Experts from the University of Moscow, Russian State Library, the National Library of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Capital Normal University, Renmin University of China, Nankai University, Northwest University, and Shandong Normal University attended the report. Others present were related officials from the Shandong Planning Office of Social Science, teachers from the Advanced Institute of Confucian Studies, and leading members of the research group. 

Translated by: Shi Yajie

Edited by: Li Hong, Lang Cuicui

Photo by: Sun Hongyuan


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