SDU Hosts Media Communication Meeting on International Talent Recruitment
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SDU Hosts Media Communication Meeting on International Talent Recruitment
DateandTime: 2017-05-03 11:04:00


On the morning of April 18, the public announcement of SDU’s effort to recruit international talents was held at SDU’s Central Campus. SDU President Zhang Rong hosted the meeting and answered journalists’ questions. Five of SDU’s high-end international talents attended the meeting, explaining both the initial circumstances of their work at SDU as well as the results they’ve achieved here.


Zhang explained the importance of talents in decision making and innovation as he mapped the path SDU will follow in cultivating and appreciating its talents. Zhang pointed out the trust SDU holds towards its talents hired from abroad, as well as its support of their work, investment in their lives, and intention to provide favorable research environments and auxiliary facilities for them. He noted that the growth of talents should not be blind or random, but built on a strong connection between related disciplines. These disciplines and talents will mutually develop and support each other, with a goal of building stronger disciplines as new talents are introduced. Zhang also mentioned that the Qingdao Campus plays a vital pivot in SDU’s efforts to build a world-class university. These new talents will provide a great impetus for the growth of the Qingdao Campus, as well as the university as a whole. Therefore, he welcomes any attention given to the event by the media.


Daniel A. Bell, world-renowned political philosopher and dean of the School of Political Science and Public Administration, has been at SDU for only four months. He truly appreciates SDU, especially the beautiful environment of the Qingdao Campus and the strong influence of Confucian culture. He plans to comprehensively increase the international quality of his school in the future, cultivating a great social influence that will attract more academic leaders. The geographical advantage of the Qingdao Campus will also be used to create the brand of Jinan-Qingdao integrated political management education, which will make a contribution to the international promotion of Chinese culture abroad.

Huang Weiping, Yangtse River Scholar, “National Distinguished Experts” of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (known as “the Thousand Talents Plan”), dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology, puts great emphasis on the development of new interdisciplinary subjects. These will integrate the fruits of information science, criminology, and sociology, allowing the exploration of a new theoretical framework.

Meanwhile, he actively pushes forward research cooperation between the university and industry, a transformation that will allow for both scientific and technological achievements. In terms of talents, one expert and three youth experts of the "Thousand Talents Plan" were introduced, a breakthrough in the introduction of national talents to this school, among whom the young talent Zhou Hongchao was a doctoral tutor at the age of 28.

Chen Baoquan, leading talent of the Chinese Academy of Sciences “100 Talents Program”, Cheung Kong Scholar, chief scientist of the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology, as well as the School of Software Engineering at Shandong University, announced he has taken charge of SDU’s pre-employment system reform Working as a pilot of personnel reform, it has already achieved notable effects. Prof. Chen Baoquan highly values the promotion of research development, as well as international exchange and cooperation. In his school, the papers published in Class A of the China Computer Federation(CCF) have doubled year by year; it has established the outstanding speakers and guest speakers program, which has invited more than 30 scholars, including a number of academicians at home and abroad, to give lectures and to carry out cooperative research.

Tan Baocai, Distinguished Expert and Overseas Taishan Scholar, dean of the School of Life Sciences, grasps the importance of education and pushes forward the construction of a curriculum platform which has had 245 course websites and ranks first at SDU. He introduced a number of outstanding talents from Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University and other famous international universities; among them, Prof. Zhang Liangran, selected as one of the young researchers for the “1000-talents Plan”, has made a breakthrough in the field of meiosis, allowing his findings to be published in Cell. This is the first time an author represented by SDU has published in Cell, a top-tier journal.

Zhang Youming, winner of “One Thousand Talents Program” (The Recruitment Program of Global Experts), Director of the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology in SDU, dean of Sino-German College, actively promoting international cooperation at the Shandong University-Helmholtz Institute of Biotechnology, has successfully recruited several world-renowned scientists to work and lecture at SDU. He pointed out that they should actively assist the establishment of the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology. They also plan to make use of their international experiences to create a current platform that will place priority on achievement and transformation, a development which will even contribute to the national economy.


Li Pingsheng, spokesman and minister of the Department of Publicity of SDU, hosted the media communication meeting. Chen Hongwei, director of SDU’s Personnel Department, illustrated the current international effort to recruit deans in detail. Qu Mingjun, head of the Talents Service Office of SDU’s Personnel Department, focused on the creative efforts SDU has made in recruiting talents. Journalists from over 20 important media-venues at the central, provincial and municipal levels attended this meeting, including the Xinhua news agency, People's Daily, as well as other networks and new media.

SDU’s purpose in holding this meeting is to accelerate the construction of its “Double First Rate” program (First Rate University and First Rate Discipline Construction), comprehensively promoting SDU’s developing platform of education and communication with the world. SDU has focused more on global recruitment of high-end talent since 2013. At this point, SDU hosts many scholars with strong reputations and academic influence at home and abroad as deans or directors of research agencies. The talents introduced to SDU include 1 academician, 1 Yangtse River Scholar, 2 “National Distinguished Experts” of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (known as “the Thousand Talents Plan”), 2 Distinguished Experts of Taishan Scholars, and other world renowned political scientists and philosophers. Besides that, the recruitment of the dean of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering has started, and other related matters are in the negotiation process.

Translated by Zhang Xinyuan

Photo by Yang Yunlei

Edited by Kyle Muntz, Meng Shuai


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