Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed Between SDU and Inspur
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Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed Between SDU and Inspur
DateandTime: 2017-04-27 11:12:35


The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Shandong University and Inspur, as well as the opening ceremony of the Big Data Center of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, was held on April 17, 2017. Together, Zhang Rong, President of SDU, and Sun Pishu, Chairman and CEO of Inspur, hosted the ceremony and unveiled the plaque for the center. On behalf of each side, Hu Jinyan, Vice President of SDU, and Wang Bohua, Executive President of Inspur, signed the strategic cooperation agreement.


In his address, Zhang praised the exceptional successes that Inspur has achieved under the leadership of SDU graduate Sun Pishu. He pointed out that the cooperation between SDU and Inspur is an excellent demonstration of the promise the two hold together in fulfilling their responsibilities towards our society. Cherishing this opportunity for cooperation, SDU hopes that both sides can make full use of the advantages of the agreement, utilizing it to expand the immense potential of preexisting projects, while also creating new areas for growth in personnel training and innovation across Jinan, Shandong Province, and the whole nation. 


Sun in his address reviewed the history between Inspur and SDU, concluding with a statement on the results of the collaboration between both sides in research programs and personnel training. He was careful to point out that the Chinese government attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the application of research results. He added that, exploiting its advantage in cloud computing and big data, Inspur will collaborate with SDU in the fields of scientific research, personnel training, and the informatization of the school. Together, this will allow both sides to build a platform to boost employment and facilitate the implementation of the national strategy of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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Before the ceremony, President Zhang and others visited Inspur’s Innovation Center for Cloud Computing. The event was attended by relevant staff from the SDU CPC Party Committee; the Principal’s Office; the Department of Science and Technology Management; the Office of Development Cooperation; the Student Career Guidance Center; and the Informatization Office of SDU, with additional personnel from the Human Resources Department, Business Development Department, Administrative Office, and Inspur’s Data Service Division of Cloud Service.

Translated by Shi Yajie

Edited by Kyle Muntz, Lang Cuicui


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