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SDU Uses H5 Technology for Gifts to Graduates
Date and Time: 2021-07-02 16:10:03

Shandong University (SDU) recently used H5 technology to display the four-year university studies and lives of its latest alumni who were recently capped at the 2021 graduation ceremony, offering them a sweet and customized gift.

A series of H5 images for graduates, developed by Shandong University. [Photo/view.sdu.edu.cn]

H5 technology is widespread and popular in China. It refers to a mobile website that can be seamlessly integrated into a person's WeChat profile.Once the page is created, it can be shared on WeChat Moments or officialWeChat accountsand people can use the in-app browser to browse it.H5 pages are mainly used for promotions or events and are highly interactive.

The SDU H5 gift involves six areas covering a graduate's studies, daily life, recreational and sports activities, social practices and other endeavors.

Information is displayed and collected through big data technology, such as the first day at the university, military training, the opening ceremony, courses, teachers, minor majors and inter-university exchanges. Elsewhere, more information is revealed on such things as book-borrowing at the library, campus card consumption records, awards and honors and special memories during the COVID-19 epidemic period.

In addition to personal information, graduates can also see illustrations based on the architecture of the campus, listen to a song from the alumni of the university, read remarks and greetings sent by the university's Party chief, principal, school leaders, teachers and counselors -- and also receive instant messages from teachers and schoolmates.

The H5 product was such a hit that it received 19,603 visits and messages from 1,239 students within 24 hours.

The project, which started in 2019, has won widespread praise from the graduates.

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