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Academic Lectures on New Researches and Developments of Biosensing Technology
DateandTime: 2011-09-19 11:15:42

Activity Description :Academic Lectures on New Researches and Developments of Biosensing Technology

Sponsor:School of Materials Science and Engineering

Audience :100-120 persons

Periods:17th.October,2011. 9:00-11:00; 17th.October,2011. 14:30-16:30

Location:No.108 classroom in the No.10 teaching building of Qianfu mountain campus, Shandong university

Main contents:

(1)First report will discuss a photochemical-based reduction method for the synthesis of graphene nanosheets from graphene oxide. The resulting graphene nanosheets are characterized using AFM, XPS and electrochemical methods. This report will be focused on non covalent functionalization and some applications of reduced graphene oxide in biosensing.Finally, it takes advantage of the adsorption capacity of GO for proteins as a strategy to limit biofouling in microfluidic systems. In that case, GO acts as a nano-cargo for proteins preventing their adsorption on the microsystem surface.

(2)Second report will states that currently the focus is on the search of highly sensitive as well as optically and chemically stable LSPR interfaces. One of the commonly used techniques is nanoparticles coating with a dielectric layer. However, for dielectric-coated metallic particles, it is assumed that the LSPR shift exhibits essentially an exponential decay until saturation for dielectric layer thicknesses comparable to the particle size. This represents a major limitation for long range sensing. In this presentation we will present different strategies for the formation of chemically and optically stable LSPR interfaces. The recent results on the possibility for short and long range for chemical and biological sensing will be discussed. Finally, different strategies for linking of functional groups to the LSPR interfaces will be discussed.

Main participants:

First speaker: Dr.Rabah Boukherroub - Senior Research Scientist and Group leader at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute (IRI), France

Second speaker: Dr.Sabine Szunerits - Professor at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute (IRI), France

Participants: Teachers and graduate students work at materials,chemistry and physics, etc.

Linkman:Prof.Musen Li

Telephone number: 13465910619; 88395693

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