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Lecture on from the Kibbutz to Nobel
DateandTime: 2019-08-28 17:30:13


Speaker:Dr. Ariel Warshel and Mrs. Tamar Warshel

Date:Aug. 28, 2019


Location:Lecture Hall, 1stFloor, Yifu Building, Central Campus


Ariel Warshel, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Southern California, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2013 for his groundbreaking research in theoretical chemistry. Dr. Warshel is a member of National Academy of Sciences and a pioneer in computer simulation of biomolecular functions. He has written nearly 440 articles for peer review and developed computer programs for molecular simulations that have been widely used in different fields, such as the development of new drugs. He and his colleagues initiated key methods for the simulation of the function of biomolecules, including the introduction of molecular dynamics in biology, the development of quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics methods, the introduction of models for enzyme reactions, and the initiation of micro-model of electron and proton transfer in solutions and proteins, a micro-model of electrostatic effects in macromolecules, a model of protein folding. Recently, he and colleagues have clarified the molecular origin of the molecular mechanical vector. Dr. Vachel received his master degree in chemistry from the Israel Institute of Technology with high grades, Ph.D. in chemical physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He is in postdoctoral study at Harvard University, a senior scientist and associate professor at the Weizmann Institute. He is also a researcher at the European Molecular Biology Organization of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the University of Cambridge. Dr. Vachel is an honorary member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and has received the Tolman Medal from the American Chemical Society, the 2012 Soft and Biology, Physics and Chemistry Award from Royal Society of Chemistry, and the 2013 Founder Award of Biophysical Society. He also obtained honorary degrees from the University of Baran, Uppsala University, University of Leeds and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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