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Lecture on Computing a Center Persistence Diagram
DateandTime: 2019-07-22 10:38:49

Speaker:Zhu Binhai,Professor, Department ofComputerScience, Montana State University, USA

Date:July. 24, 2019


Location:Conference Hall 202, Office Building, School of Software, Software Campus


Persistence diagram is a new tool from computational topology to capture the topological and geometric changes for large point clouds (or more complex objects). This talk first introduces the basics on persistence diagrams (e.g., the bottleneck distance between two diagrams). Then, we consider the center persistence diagram problem, i.e., one whose maximum bottleneck distance to m given diagrams is minimized . We show that, when m=2 diagrams are given, the problem is polynomially solvable. When m=3, we prove its NP-hardness (in fact, NP-hard to approximate within a factor of 2). Finally, we give a tight factor-2 approximation for the problem. No prior knowledge on topology is needed for this talk.

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