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Lecture on Human Learning: Understanding and Computing the Eyes and Brain in VR
DateandTime: 2019-06-26 10:55:11

Speaker:Samir Khanal

Date:June. 28, 2019


Location:Conference Hall 310, Office Building, Software Campus


Immersive content authoring and consumption are critical components for the next generation VR platforms. It includes real-time rendering/interface software, and display hardware. In this talk, I will present my previous research on understanding and (more importantly) leveraging human perceptual factors in the eye and brain for fundamental geometry/imaging/rendering algorithms and practical applications, such as VR walk-through and computationally foveated displays.


Qi Sun is a research scientist at Adobe Research. Previously, he received his PhD from Stony Brook University, advised by Distinguished Professor Arie Kaufman. During PhD study, he interned at NVIDIA Research and Adobe Research. His interests lie in computer graphics, virtual/augmented reality and scientific visualization, particularly bridging fundamental algorithms and human perception factors. His research has been extensively featured by major media such as BBC, ACM, IEEE and AAAS.

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